5 Reasons Why You Need a GPS Tracker for Your Tractor

trailer GPS tracker

Did you know that there were more than 800,000 vehicles stolen in 2020 alone? Vehicle theft is one of the many reasons why you may want to invest in a trailer GPS tracker. But what other benefits could putting a tracker on your trailer have?

Using a trailer GPS tracker helps with more than simple trailer tracking. Read on to learn the five best reasons to invest in a trailer GPS tracker today.

Prevent Theft

The main reason you might decide to utilize trailer tracking is to counter theft. Tracking your trailers can help you find these trailers should they go missing. It can help you in tracking down anything stolen, but also in keeping anything from being stolen in the first place!

Furthermore, tracking can help prevent misuse. If your equipment is regularly used by others, they’re less likely to misuse the trailer knowing that you can see where it went! It’s a great way to ensure the safety of your equipment when it’s out of your sight.

That said, there’s more for you to track than trailers or equipment. Many don’t think to put trackers on their personal belongings, but doing so is excellent theft prevention.

If you have expensive golf equipment or a personal golf cart, for example, you should use a tracker! High-quality clubs or golf carts are tempting targets for many thieves. Some thieves target them specifically because they often aren’t tracked.

Keep all of your belongings safe as well as your professional assets. With tracking, you won’t have to worry about not knowing where your property has gone!

Proper Tracking of Events

Along with preventing misuse is the proper tracking of any events. For example, if you’re approving of cargo that’s sensitive, you’ll want to track its journey.

Trailer tracking can help you see what’s happening to your cargo. Is there a temperature change to your heat-sensitive transportable goods? Did a sudden harsh turn possibly damage your goods?

Such information is also crucial for the training of drivers, in the use case of a company. You can use tracking information to present good driving and teach your drivers how to follow suit.

Conversely, you can use the same information to show how not to drive. A tracker may show active information from a crash or other important tidbits. You can use this information to show your new drivers how to avoid such occurences.

Tracking will help you understand where and how your goods are being transported. It’s especially effective for loss management and training.


When an audit comes, you may not think of GPS as being useful. However, an audit will often involve accounting for your equipment.

Paperwork can sometimes become muddied or not prove what you need. Many audits are highly-technical and specific events that require precise information. You might not have the proper paperwork on hand!

With a trailer GPS tracker, you can prove the location and use of equipment under audit. Not only will this help you prove its existence, but it also shows that the equipment is actively in use. Such information is vital for many business audits.

Furthermore, it can help to corroborate any information you’ve given. Have you told the auditors that your trailer travels a specific route? Your GPS tracking can show that this was an honest depiction of its use!

GPS tracking can help prove that your equipment exists and is accounted for. Doing so will help to prevent any infractions or further investigations into “missing” equipment that’s actually in transit. 

Easy Location

Speaking of locating your equipment, have you ever wished you had a jetski GPS to see where in the harbor your jetski has moved? In crowded lots, it can sometimes be difficult to find your equipment.

If you keep your equipment stored somewhere you don’t own, this information is necessary. In a public lot, someone may move your vehicle for many reasons. When this occurs, you may struggle to find where your equipment has gone.

A GPS tracker can also help in the event of towing. If your vehicle has gone missing, you may check a GPS tracker to see if it’s with a tow company. That way, you know how to proceed to get your equipment back.

Using a GPS tracker, you can locate your equipment easier on large properties. The additional efficiency of not having to search for your equipment in a large lot or crowded parking area is immeasurable!

Track Utilization

Finally, the ability to track the utilization of your equipment comes with many benefits. You can see what equipment isn’t getting enough use and what might be overused.

By measuring this, you can see what gear you want to get rid of when the time comes. Many companies will keep old or aging equipment to keep costs low. Some companies won’t use this gear enough to justify paying for the upkeep!

Monitoring usage will help you cut out what you need to. It also will help make sure you aren’t overusing other equipment, thereby putting a strain on it. Finally, knowing utilization can help you see where you need to buy more equipment.

Keep tabs on how often you use your equipment. It’s a wonderful way to make sure you aren’t paying upkeep on rarely-used gear.

Using a Trailer GPS Tracker

Using a trailer GPS tracker will help to keep your equipment safe and accounted for. It’ll also help to track the utilization of your gear so you know what you don’t need anymore. Finally, the additional organization is vital for audits and other regulatory standards.

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