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We take the worry out of try a GPS Asset Tracker by offering a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return it for a full refund.


Online tracking allows you to follow the real-time location of your tracking devices updated every 5 minutes. See your kids location; track your family member vehicle locations or easily oversee your fleet activity.


Create specific territories that can be used in generated reports to see at what time and which cars were within a specific territory. Set-up different alerts that will be sent to you as text messages or e-mails whenever a particular action will be triggered (entering or leaving the object).


Check historical routes and speed charts of your vehicles and assets that are being tracked. Route history will help you to analyze the routes in different time periods (which can be customized based on your needs).



Useful for both – private as well as business needs. LoneStar Tracking has one compact report available and will show full route history, including information about stops, distance traveled in each step, start and end locations for each trip as well as time spent on the road, average speed and max speed.


A powerful tool that can be combined with geofences to create a unique solution and alert system. In addition to that, you can receive alerts for lost GPS signal of your tracking device, speeding, and low battery level. Keep track of your tracking devices and their activity as well be informed about any infringements and react fast.

GPS Tracking Phone Alerts
Over the air updates for your trailer GPS tracker


LoneStar Tracking has developed a unique  5G  Cat M1 network that allows our tracking devices to connect to the strongest signal available.  While other GPS tracking companies will put your tracker on a single cell carrier, we use all of them.


Not only can you access our advanced tracking system from your computer, but also from your mobile phone.  Both iPhone and Android apps are available for you to download, absolutely free.

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