Bicycle Tracking

Many people all across America rely on bikes as a main form of transportation. It can be difficult to ensure the safety of your property and secure some peace of mind while your bike is left unattended. Fortunately, Lonestar Tracking offers a tracking device that can ensure both safety and peace of mind. 

Some spend thousands of dollars to acquire a safety feature for their bikes, our Yabby Edge tracker can successfully provide location updates at a very affordable price. This tracker has a 10-year battery life, meaning that you will never have to worry about your tracker dying while your bike is parked. There is an easy installation process, these trackers can be quickly placed and hidden on the bike, all without getting in the way of operating the motor vehicle. This tracker also offers a waterproof feature, making your bicycle trackable in any weather condition. Your data on this device is secured and we use GPS, wifi, and cell tower tracking methods. If your bike were to be transferred into a garage or another building, the Yabby Tracking Device will pick up on another available signal making it much less likely that you will lose track of your property.  

There are multiple tracking update settings that you can select at checkout, depending on how often you want location updates on your property. This device can track both indoors and outdoors, giving you the power to secure your bike no matter where it is left. This affordable tracking device has extreme accuracy, utilizing both GPS and wifi signals. Since the work on this device is handled through the cloud, it effectively saves energy and provides a longer battery life. Using AAA batteries ensures long-lasting usage and easy assembly, and the Yabby Tracking Device achieves anywhere between 5-10 years more battery life than other tracking devices on the market. 

These trackers can be used for many purposes and can be of benefit to many different people and their needs. Since these trackers are versatile, they work wonderfully on bikes and other motor vehicles as well. Whether you are using your bike for work, racing or hiking, you deserve protection and security over your motor vehicle. Acquire safety for your young one who is taking a bike ride, or your teenager who is training for a race. With our tracking devices’ accurate and fast updates, you won’t have to worry. Even if you have a bike for personal use and enjoy Sunday strolls, this tracking device can aid in making sure you always have a handle on your possessions.

Our vehicle GPS tracking devices are affordable, accurate, and timely. We offer the best-hidden GPS trackers for bikes, giving you the power to locate and protect your property or loved ones. Keep the location of your possessions in your fingertips’ reach.

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