Boat Insurance GPS Tracking Devices

Many boat insurance companies are starting to require a GPS tracking device be installed on your boat at all times.  This serves multiple purposes to the insurer such as tracking the behavior of the captain, theft recovery and monitoring the bodies of water that your boat travels to.  All, which can affect your deductible.

Several GPS tracking systems are available on the market to help you fulfill the requirements of your insurance company.  However, there are drawbacks such as price, performance and ease of use.  LoneStar Tracking has solved these issues and created several small, easy to use and affordable tracking devices that will fulfill your insurance companies requirements. 

Although there are no fixed standards, most boats valued at over $500,000 USD will require a tracking device.  This boat gps tracker can operate on cellular networks or satellite networks for global coverage. 

Lots of boat tracking systems available on the market are permanent and require the user to splice into the boat wiring.  LoneStar Tracking caries multiple battery powered units that have a battery life up to 5 years!  These units require no wiring, just stick it and track. 

Waterproof 4G GPS Tracker

Many insurance companies will require proof of your boat GPS tracking system.  LoneStar Tracking can provide you with a certificate that proves your boat is protected with a powerful tracking system.  Give this document to your insurance company along with a username and password for them to verify that the tracker is actually on the boat.

If you have any questions about purchasing a GPS tracker to meet your insurance companies requirements, feel free to contact us for assistance.  We are the largest supplier of GPS tracking devices for boat insurance in all of Florida and the Gulf Coast.

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