Buoy GPS Tracker

Affordable Navigational / Research Buoy Tracking

Whether you are needing positional information on your navigation/research buoys or tracking glaciers, LoneStar Tracking has a rugged and dependable solution that will last years on each deployment. 

With multiple inputs and outputs, a high precision GPS receiver and a GlobalStar transmitter, the buoy tracking system can operate in almost every part of our planet.  Data is transmitted from your buoy to one of 48 satellites orbiting at 876 miles above earth and relayed to a ground station.  Once the data payload has been received by the ground station, it is routed to the LoneStar Tracking servers and made available for our users.  If your organization utilized their own analysis software, a RESTful api is available.

Globalstar Simplex coverage map

Global Coverage

Using the GlobalStar Simplex LEO Satellite Network, we are able to provide near global coverage for your buoy or glacier tracking. 

Solar Powered

No need to worry about battery life with the Smartone Solar.  This tracking device can report positional information as fast as every 30 minutes.  The device is capable of transmitting data faster if needed.

Smartone Solar Boat Tracker
buoy gps tracker

Easy To Install

The Smartone Solar has no external wires to connect for power or antennas.  Simply mount the tracking device in a position that has a clear view of the sky, turn on the device, and your tracker will begin reporting location data. 

No need to add external antennas, solar panels or batteries, this buoy GPS tracker is completely self contained. 

Battery Powered Tracker

Looking for a smaller and lower priced buoy tracker?  Our Smartone C is powered by 4 AAA batteries and can last for up to 2 years.  Most buoys will come ashore for maintenance once per year, and during this maintenance window, the batteries can be replaced.  Position can be updated as fast as every 15 minutes.

SmartoneC Global GPS

If your organization is needing a buoy or glacier tracking system, reach out to one of our GPS tracking experts to discuss the different options that we can offer. All of our satellite based tracking devices can deliver near real-time information back to our servers or yours. 

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