Cattle Con 2022

Cattle Con 2022 is coming your way in just a few days! The event will take place from February 1-3 in Houston, Texas. At this event, you can find businesses, education on the field, and meetings where you can shine some light on your products! The cattle industry has a big and bright future ahead, take this opportunity to learn what’s coming in this industry. 

We are beyond excited to share our glimpse into the industry’s future. We are bringing the GSatSolar to the table, a cattle and livestock GPS tracker. This is the world’s smallest livestock GPS tracker, making it easy to assemble and hide. It is also the lightest tracker on the market, favorable to the comfortability of the animal. The size and weight make it adaptable to almost any animal, it can be connected to the ear of the cattle or just as easily be connected to a collar for other animals. The adaptability does not end there, the tracker has global coverage and can be trackable almost anywhere on the planet. Using the LEO satellite constellation, the device provides accurate location updates as fast as every 30 minutes. We offer different variations of updates, making your location frequencies customizable to your operation. There are frequencies as fast as 30 minutes, or as spread out as 6 hours. You can program your update frequencies when you set up your device, once the device is attached you can immediately start tracking. The GSatSolar is affordable, with one upfront investment you receive three years of service. The battery is solar-powered and will last for these three years, providing you with excellent updates and location services. After these three years, the tag can be disposed of, as it will no longer be able to provide updates. Our trackers bring forth detailed data and location updates, giving our clients peace of mind and assurance over their livestock animals. 

The trade show taking place at Cattle Con can cover all of your livestock tracking needs! This event will provide access to cattle tracking such as the GSatSolar, along with education and techniques that can be used to further your knowledge of livestock. Cattle tracking can be used for a variety of reasons and is vastly used today. Cattle care is important, and tracking your animals can help ensure that their well-being is being taken care of. If you are looking to expand your operation or make sustainable changes, there will be ample information available at the Cattleman’s College Education. This event will provide you with advice and valuable information on cattle care, tracking, and business operations. 

Chances are that you or your business has a spot in the future of cattle and livestock, Cattle Con and our newest devices can help you make a difference!  If you are interested in attending Cattle Con 2022, visit for more information. 

For more information on our GSatSolar, visit to get yours today!

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