There are a number of reasons that people have dumpster GPS tracking. Larger companies can have a fleet of roll-on, roll-off dumpsters to keep track of. With GPS tracking and reporting, you can easily keep on top of where your equipment is. It’s a great way to manage your business effectively.


GPS trackers are also used for security purposes for dumpsters. As strange as this might sound, dumpster theft is real and costing disposal companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. For a fraction of the cost of a dumpster, your business can rest easy knowing that you will be automatically alerted if someone attempts to steal your property with our tracking software. Best of all, no more RFID Tagging.

Anti Theft GPS Tracker


We realize that it can be hard to discretely hide a GPS tracker in a dumpster. This is why our rugged LTE Cat M1 / Nb IoT Dumpster Tracking Device is designed to work in the most extreme conditions. With the advancements in GPS asset tracking technology, this device can be easily hidden. If someone decides to try and remove the tracker, a magnetic tamper sensor will be triggered and instantly alert you of the incident with location data.

GPS tamper notificaitons


In order for you to make the most of your new Dumpster GPS Tracking Systems, you need a mobile app. That’s why we created one for both Android and iPhone. Receive instant alerts and see where all your dumpsters are located, all in real time. No more waiting for daily updates that could be out of sync with where your property currently is.

GPS tracker on iphone and android

Other Benefits of Using Our GPS Dumpster Tracking System

As we mentioned above, our GPS tracking units not only keep your property safer, they help you keep your business running smoothly. You can easily monitor collects, drop-offs with less paperwork to worry about. It helps you to plan your delivery routes and dispatching more effectively as well. With a dumpster GPS tracking system, you can spend less time with paperwork and more time on what’s important, letting you increase your productivity and profitability.

Geofencing Alerts
Should your dumpster be removed from a current location, you will be notified right away. Knowing about issues, such as theft or someone playing a prank as they happen can save a lot of hassle. With the ability to track your dumpsters in real-time, you can quickly notify the authorities as the situation is happening, with exact location information.

Dumpster GPS tracking isn’t just for businesses who own a fleet of dumpsters. Even small businesses have had their lighter weight dumpsters taken. Thieves tend to steal dumpsters so that they can sell them on for profit. This can cost a business quite a lot of money, especially smaller businesses. By having a GPS tracker hidden away in your dumpster, you can catch the thieves red-handed as the theft is in progress. The police have used the information from GPS trackers to recover thousands of dumpsters.


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