Ensuring Child Security with GPS Tracking Solutions

The world today is changed. Unfortunately, parents are justified in feeling vulnerable to malicious or accidental threats to the welfare of their children. Young children and even older children who may have intellectual or emotional challenges such as autism, can fall prey to both human menaces and random incidents. Whether a child is at risk of being a victim or of getting lost, GPS tracking is the optimal solution. Children who venture outside before their parents are awake on the weekend can be located almost instantly with GPS tracking solutions for child protection. The chances of child recovery after abduction are massively improved with this groundbreaking use of technology.

Finally, there is a positive application to a technology that has been time-tested and proven to be accurate. GPS tracking solutions has been used by the government for military purposes for years. Now, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), parents can utilize this powerful technology to ensure child safety.

LoneStar Tracking specializing in precision Location-based Services, has developed a powerful GPS Location tracking platform that allows certain objects to be connected with their GPS software. Known colloquially as the Internet of Things, these items communicate wirelessly with the Internet via household Wi-Fi. One common example of an IoT application is the teddy bear with a camera located in the eye. Parents can place this teddy bear inconspicuously in a child’s bedroom. The camera records sound and audio and uploads it to a site where parents can log in and monitor the care the babysitter is giving their child while they are away from home.

These Internet connected personal tracking devices can be as inconspicuous as a small device hidden inside a child’s backpack, a wearable device worn as a watch or wristband, or even a device that doubles as a child’s cell phone. With this latest application of a potent location technology, parents know longer have to worry about where their child is at any time.

In addition, children can be taught to locate and hit a special panic button on a device. This is an effective way to instill a feeling of safety for the child and the parent, since a direct link is established between the panic button and the parent’s contact number of choice. Almost simultaneously, the instant a child in jeopardy pushes the panic button, the parent is notified.

With LoneStar Tracking’s precision Location-based Services tracking platform, there are a multitude of options available to suit every need. Contact us today to find out more about how you can harness the power of GPS Tracking Solutions to ensure your child’s safety at every step.  Toll-Free 1-877-777-8636

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