Equipment GPS Tracker

Equipment GPS Tracker

If you own equipment and trailers, you understand that you need all the advantages that you can get when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets.

You’re often forced to leave your equipment at job sites, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to vandals and unauthorized use. Our GPS trackers help you to combat this by providing 24/7 asset tracking.

Whether you need protection from thieves, unauthorized use, or you’re looking to increase efficiency-the team at Lonestar Tracking has the equipment GPS tracker solution for you.

Automate Your Construction Fleet

Keep up with Oil Changes,  Equipment Maintenance, Engine Hours, Equipment Locations and more.

Advantages of Using a GPS Equipment Tracker

Satellite Connectivity-this GPS tracking feature allows you to monitor your asset around the clock, no matter where in the world it is located.

Instant Alert Notifications-you have the ability to set alert notifications that can be sent right to your smartphone or computer if any movement is detected on your equipment. This feature makes tracking down your stolen equipment a lot quicker and easier since you are notified of the theft immediately.

Data and Reporting-equipment GPS trackers and software allow you to review stored data regarding your asset’s whereabouts and logistics over an extended period of time. You also have the option of pulling weekly or daily statistics on your equipment to help you manage and keep tabs on your assets.

Built to Withstand the Elements-Our tracking equipment is built to be rugged, durable and able to withstand most any condition. You can rest assured that your tracking equipment will function properly even in the toughest of climates.

Battery Powered or Wired Options-At Lonestar Tracking, we offer both battery powered and wired tracking options for your convenience. Our battery powered units are long lasting and require infrequent battery changes.

Logistics Tracking-Through the use of an equipment tracker, you can keep tabs on; unauthorized use, runtime usage for maintenance purposes, driver behavior, performance, and more. Our trackers can help to make your equipment and business more efficient and profitable.

Theft Recovery-Unfortunately, thieves are drawn to unattended heavy equipment and machinery because they understand their value. With a GPS tracker for equipment, you are alerted immediately of theft and can then easily track down your equipment.

Today’s tracking technology is better than ever and comes at an affordable price, making monitoring your assets a realistic and easy choice to make.

Why Choose Lonestar Tracking?

Our team is dedicated to finding useful and sustainable solutions for equipment tracking. We understand that your equipment is an important asset, so we help you to keep track of it and increase your efficiency.

Gone are the days of leaving your equipment over night and not knowing if it’ll be where you left it in the morning.

We offer a wide selection of equipment GPS trackers at affordable prices to suit the needs of every customer.

Our dedicated staff is here to help provide you with the perfect tracking device and software that will allow you to regain control over your assets.

Give us a call today to see how we can help provide you with peace of mind that your assets are secure.

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Interested in improving your businesses efficiency? An equipment GPS tracker can be a great help at an extremely affordable price.

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