GPS Cattle Tracking

Easily and affordably track and monitor your cattle with GPS.  

Cattle GPS Tracker Size Comparison

The smallest GPS animal tracker available

Imagine being able to monitor the location of your cattle at any time, right from your smart phone.   The smallest and most powerful solar powered cattle GPS tracker is now available.  Weighing only 24 grams and barely bigger than a golf ball, this tracking device is a step above the rest.

The easiest solar powered cattle gps ear tracker

Collar GPS trackers have been around for a long time, but ranchers can have problems with the size of the collar and the possibility of the animal getting caught in branches or brush.  The cattle ear tag allows for easy installation and removes the risk of the cattle getting hung up in the brush.  

Cattle ear tag gps tracker with solar
Weight24 grams (0.846 ounces)
Size2.28" x 1.25" x 0.73"
Location UpdatesEvery 6 Hours
Coverage AreaGlobal
Battery Life Without Sunlight15 days
Available AttachmentsEar Tag or Collar
SoftwareMobile App or Computer

No gateways required

Many cattle tracking solutions on the market today require some form on gateway to be installed on the ranch.  This can be expensive, time consuming, and the animal must be within range of the gateway for the location to be transmitted. 

The LoneStar Tracking ear tag is 100% satellite based which means it will work anywhere on your ranch (or planet earth) and does not require any infrastructure or gateway to be installed on site.

LoRa Animal Tracking GPS

No SIM Card

No additional fees to access cellular networks

Global Coverage

The ear tag is 100% satellite based and has coverage across the globe

10+ Years Battery

No batteries to change because the device is solar powered

Light Weight

Weighing only 24g makes this the smallest GPS tracker for cattle

Satellite Images

View the location of animals with Google Earth images


Receive alerts if your cattle leave the ranch

No Tower

No towers to install and no infrastructure to deploy

6 Hour Updates

Animal location is updated every 6 hours

How it works

Cattle GPS Tracker in head gate

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