GPS Tracker Installation

Fleet and Consumer GPS Tracker Installation

Even though LoneStar Tracking has made installation of your new GPS tracker as simple as possible, many people may choose to have a professional complete the install.  LoneStar Tracking maintains an extensive list of installers across the United States and can provide you a recommended installer in your area.  We do not charge a markup and the install cost is passed directly to you the customer. 

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Mobile Installers

Our network of mobile installers will drive to your home or office to perform the install of your new GPS tracking system.  They will generally charge a fee to travel to your site along with a per vehicle fee.  The majority of our installations are done by mobile GPS installers.

Car Audio Store

Most car audio stores will gladly perform the GPS tracker installation.  You will need to drive your vehicle to their shop and they can install the unit while you wait.  Prices are usually less than the mobile installer because they don’t need to travel to your location.

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How Much Is The Install?

Our basic GPS tracker is a 2-wire install meaning it requires the installer to connect two wires.  A positive and negative.  Someone that is experienced in 12v electronics should be able to complete the install in less than 30 minutes. 

Average price is about $70 per vehicle.

If you have any questions about the installation procedure, you can always reach out to our team of GPS tracking experts for help, even if you purchase a tracker from someone else.

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