GPS Tracking for Vehicles

The development of car navigation systems has been of great assistance in many aspects, becoming a reliable technology for everyday usage. They provide an array of benefits like safety/precaution, tracking for commercial vehicles, and real-time navigation to keep an eye on drivers.

Whether you are traveling on the water, in the air, or on the road; Lonestar tracking sells a built tracking device system that will fit all of your needs. There are a variety of ways to use these GPS tracker systems, one of the biggest ones being safety. For parents with new and young drivers, peace of mind can be a saving grace. Luckily, we have hidden GPS trackers for vehicles that can give parents that much-needed peace of mind. The DiscoveryLTE OBD-2 GPS tracking device has many features to help ensure the safety of your new driver. This device can reach all over North America, never being out of reach. You can set up geofences and will get an alert if the vehicle enters this prohibited area. All of this can be tracked using a mobile app, making updated and accurate location updates easily accessible. These vehicle tracking devices require a small monthly fee, or there is an option to pay yearly as well. This device only requires a thirty-second install, hassle-free.

These trackers can be extremely helpful to employers as well. Many companies operate on tight deadlines, and drivers are on strict schedules. You can ensure that your company and customers’ expectations are being met by using GPS tracking devices in your commercial vehicles. Our Scorpion 5G Wired GPS Tracker is one of our most advanced trackers, equipped with technology that can monitor driver behavior. With this device, you can pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle at any time. It is also included with a backup battery, acting as a safety net so you can set eyes on your vehicle in any type of circumstance. This device also offers you confidence in your drivers with a driver scorecard. This card updates you with real-time and automatic updates on the behaviors of your drivers, allowing you to monitor both your drivers and the safety of the products. All of this can be accessed through iButton, making these features easy to use. 

Additionally, we offer trackers that are suitable for many environments and scenarios. The TitanLTE 4G Waterproof GPS Asset Tracker includes many features that can track a variety  of vehicles. It is built to sustain expectations during inclement weather, making it a reliable device for outdoor or indoor vehicles. The waterproof feature also provides sustainability for water vehicles or devices. This device operates on the Verizon Wireless network and comes with a backup battery as well for assurance in your device. It requires easy installation, and you will receive frequent updates on the location of your vehicle or property. 

Our vehicle GPS tracking devices are affordable, accurate, and timely. We offer the best-hidden GPS trackers for cars, giving you the power to locate and protect your property or loved ones. Keep the location of your possessions in your fingertips’ reach, visit for more information on our GPS tracking devices today!

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