Helium Inc. Selected As LoRa Network Provider

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11/18/2020 LoneStar Tracking has officially announced their partnership with Helium Inc., also known as The People’s Network. This strategic partnership will accelerate LoRaWAN deployments across the United States by allowing LoneStar Tracking to leverage the existing and rapidly growing network infrastructure.

LoneStar Tracking has developed a suite of software and hardware that enables companies from different sectors, such as Energy, Agriculture, Research, Logistics and others to track and monitor things such as location, temperature, fluid flow rates, etc. Conventionally, technology such as cellular or satellite has been used as the transport method for getting data from an edge device or sensor back to the cloud. This can be cost prohibitive when dealing with large deployments. The solution? LoRa.

LoRa technologies and LoRa networks have been leveraged by LoneStar Tracking for several years. While the majority of the LoRa networks are deployed across Europe, LoneStar Tracking saw this as an opportunity and rapidly began deploying the largest LoRa network in Texas. This new technology gives customers the option of a lower cost edge node and lower network fees. While coverage is no where near the coverage of other cellular based LPWAN technologies, it is rapidly growing thanks to companies like Helium Inc.

At the core of LoneStar Tracking is security and privacy. No other tracking company except for LoneStar Tracking has implemented bank-level security to protect your data from unauthorized users. The customer data is secured and encrypted at the edge device (or GPS tracker) and is encrypted until the information is delivered to the customer. Helium Inc. (The People’s Network) is capable of supporting the strict requirements from LoneStar Tracking. As with any technology that leverages Blockchain Technology, security is one of the core fundamentals.

“The time it takes to deploy a LoRa network has dropped to almost zero, which saves our customers money. The more affordable a solution is, means more sensors or trackers can be deployed. Where previously research institutions may spend thousands for a single wildlife animal tracker along with thousands in service fees, we can offer the same solution for pennies on the dollar, thanks to LoRa and the coverage that Helium Inc. is giving us access to” says Thomas Remmert, CTO and Co-Founder of LoneStar Tracking.

To learn more about Helium Inc, visit: https://blog.helium.com/new-user-lonestar-selects-the-peoples-network-as-their-preferred-network-provider-for-asset-fffbf450d096

To learn more about LoneStar Tracking, visit: https://www.LoneStarTracking.com or call toll-free 1-877-777-8636

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