How to Prevent Car Theft: 4 Easy and Affordable Ways to Protect Vehicles

vehicle theft

Did you know that over 748,000 vehicles get stolen in America each year?

Not only are cars expensive investments, but we also need them to get to work, shop for groceries, and do other important errands. If you want to protect this valuable asset, learning how to prevent car theft can help keep you and your vehicle safe wherever you go.

Do you want to know how to prevent your car from being stolen? Keep reading for 4 easy and affordable ways you can protect your vehicle.

1. Install a Reliable Vehicle GPS Tracker

One of the best tools for preventing car theft is a reliable vehicle GPS tracker that can send you important updates on your phone. GPS trackers are wireless, have long battery lives, and boast all kinds of cool safety features. If you’re notified of any suspicious activity, you can call the police and give them a real-time location if your car is moving.

2. Use a Wheel or Tire Lock

Another simple but effective car theft prevention mechanism is a wheel or tire lock. If any thieves target your vehicle, they’ll be discouraged immediately once they realize they won’t be able to take your car without a fight. Since thieves need to be discreet and fast, installing either of these locks will turn them off because these locks are very visible.

3. Set Up a Camera Outside Your House

Parking in your own garage is the safest place to keep your car overnight, but lots of people don’t have access to one. If you park your car somewhere outside of your home, an outdoor security camera can help deter burglars from entering your car or even breaking into your home. If the thief is bold enough to continue, your footage will be valuable for catching the thief and getting your car back.

4. Invest in a Vehicle Immobilizer System

The last great automobile theft prevention tool is a vehicle immobilizer system. These systems are the hardest and most expensive option to install, so you should only use them if you live in an area with high crime rates. A vehicle immobilizer system can employ all kinds of devices like kill switches or wireless ignition authentication so your car is completely useless unless you’re the driver behind the wheel.

Bonus: Be Smart When You Drive

Some other helpful tips to remember are as follows:

  • Avoid areas with high crime rates if possible
  • Always drive with your doors locked and lock up again after you leave
  • Make sure you remove your keys and close your sunroof and windows when you exit
  • Never leave your car running unattended
  • Park in populated, well-lit areas
  • Never leave valuables in your car, especially out in the open
  • Make sure your vehicle’s car alarm is functional
  • Stay aware of your surroundings

Learning How to Prevent Car Theft Is Essential

Now that you know how to prevent car theft, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any stressful or expensive emergencies. Since these preventative measures are affordable, you never have to sacrifice your savings for your peace of mind.

Are you ready to get the ultimate vehicle theft protection? If so, LoneStar Tracking has everything you need to boost your security. Check out our vehicle GPS trackers that you can access at all times throughout North America on our app.

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