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live streaming dash camera

Live Dash Camera When You Need Eyes In The Sky

“The live streaming dash camera makes it feel like the drivers are right here in my office.  I love the ability to check in on them to make sure they are following policy.  Better yet, I get an email if a driver breaks a rule that we set.  Worth every penny.” — Zach Talty, T&R Transport

Stream Live Video

Streaming Camera Features

In-Cabin Facing Camera

“Wish we had this technology years ago!  Our safety officer can now test and train our drivers right from the comfort of our office.  No need to travel to field offices, we get real time video and audio which makes coaching a breeze.” — Jake Blanchard, Sigma Cubed Inc

Our LST501 dash cameras can provide a crisp and clear view of the outside of your vehicle, as well as an inside view to monitor the driver, passengers and their on-road behavior. 

Did you know that research has shown that trucks and commercial fleets are much less likely to be at fault in accidents, but that they end up paying most claims as if they were at fault?

At LoneStar Tracking, we aim to reduce the number of claims being paid out by you and your insurance by providing you a way to prove fault in the case of accidents. We help to set the record straight!

Our fleet dash cam can provide footage of the events leading up to and surrounding an accident on the road by providing real time updates and video surveillance in a matter of seconds. You can send the footage to yourself as well as your insurance adjuster instantly!

Additionally, our dash cam with live streaming helps to make your employees and fleet more efficient thanks to the ability to keep an eye on your drivers and monitor their behavior and treatment of your trucks.

Reliable, Fast Fleet Surveillance

Installing a high quality live streaming dash camera from Lonestar Tracking provides you with the following advantages while your fleet is on the road:

Protect Your Business, Employees and Yourself

Installing a dash cam with live streaming into your vehicles is the best way to protect yourself, your business and your drivers.

The most common reason for buying a dash cam with live streaming is to have a record of fault in the event of an accident.

If you are a fleet manager, you know that accidents on the road happen more often than we would like, and that most of the time the fault gets placed on the truck driver even when the other party was clearly at fault.

The team at Lonestar Tracking wants to help you set the record straight and provide proof of fault, so you can save on expensive insurance claims and premiums.

Unfortunately, trucking fleets tend to get the short end of the stick in many accident cases. We see hundreds of fraud accidents, false or exaggerated claims, conflicting reports, etc.

There is no shortage of people out there looking to take advantage of the system and cash in on a false accident claim.

We also understand that sometimes your driver really is the one who instigated the accident. In these cases, a live streaming dash camera is helpful when it comes to providing better training for your drivers regarding road safety and accident prevention.

You invest a lot in your vehicles and employees, make sure everyone is protected by installing a dash camera that records all events on the road.

GPS Tracking Phone Alerts

Customizable Alerts

With a dash cam with live GPS tracking abilities, you have the option to set up customizable alerts based on what is important to you.

You have the ability to set up alerts on your fleet for bad driving behaviors such as; hard breaking, excessive speed, harsh acceleration, etc.

This information can help you to better train your drivers and possibly weed out the chronic bad drivers who are putting your trucks and business at risk with their behavior.

Comprehensive Programming and Dashboard ​

Using Lonestar Tracking’s live streaming dash camera program is easy and convenient. You can pull up the interactive dashboard right on your phone or computer screen and get real time data on your fleet.

The screen features an interactive map which shows you exactly where all vehicles in your fleet are currently located. You also have the ability to switch between map view and satellite view, depending on your preferences.

Clicking on any of your vehicles on the map will bring up more options and logistics for that specific vehicle. This comprehensive platform allows you to view and monitor a myriad of aspects of your fleet all from the comfort of your office.

Cell phone gps
Anti Theft GPS Tracker

Theft Recovery

Unfortunately, there is always the risk that your vehicle could be stolen. Without a dash cam with live GPS tracking, locating your stolen vehicle takes time, money and resources.

With an integrated live streaming dash camera, in the event of a stolen vehicle, locating and recovering your asset is simple and easy.

Simple, Easy and Productive​

Choosing a live streaming dash camera from Lonestar Tracking means that you are protecting your business, employees and yourself in the simplest, most convenient fashion.

When you send your fleet out on the road, there is a lot on the line for you. You want to make sure that your drivers are driving safely and treating your vehicle with respect.

In the event of an accident in which your driver was not at fault, you need a fool proof way to prove it so that you aren’t paying thousands on unnecessary insurance claims and premium increases.

At Lonestar Tracking, we get this! So we provide a way for you to ensure your business and vehicles are protected with our fleet dash cam systems.

LST Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Dash cameras are an easy and affordable way to monitor your fleet, in real time.  Using your computer or smart phone, you can view a real time video stream of your vehicles and monitor driver behavior or offer training assistance.

Yes, all live streaming dash cameras will require a subscription to operate.  The dash cam includes a SIM card and uses the cell phone networks to send video back to your computer in real time.  

The forward facing camera is 1080P full HD video with 140° and the driver facing camera is 720p HD.

Yes, you can view the live video streams from your phone or a computer.

No, our AI-12 includes 2 gigs of high speed data for streaming.  Once this data limit is reached, the device will no longer send video or GPS to the internet.  The camera will still record video locally on the SD card, but it will not transmit it via the internet.

Why Choose Lonestar Tracking?

At Lonestar Tracking, we are experts in the tracking field. We provide comprehensive tracking solutions to suit your every need.

We encourage you to give our expert team a call to see how one of our friendly representatives can help you find the perfect solution for your tracking needs.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the product and service you receive from us.

If you value protecting your fleet and its integrity, a live streaming dash camera is a necessity!

Give us a call today to get the ball rolling on your fleet dash cam system.

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