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Protect and monitor your LGDs

LiveStock Guardian Dogs have become an invaluable tool on ranches today, giving your herd the protection they need and giving ranchers an insight into the movement of their dogs.  Until recently, a GPS collar was expensive, heavy and had a short battery life.  With the advancements in battery and GPS technology, you can now monitor your heard and protect livestock easily right from you phone.

How often does the tracker update?

The Yabby3 is our most popular dog / livestock guardian dog GPS tracker due to its small size and amazing battery life.  We can configure the device to match any requirements that you may have, but our most common is 15 minute update intervals.  That means, the tracker will report the location of your LGD every 15 minutes 24 hours a day.  At that rate, the batteries last about 3 months giving you peace of mind and allowing you collect tracking data on your dogs to protect livestock

In the photos below, you can see how big the Yabby3 is on both a 100lb dog and also a 50lb dog.  Both animals can comfortably wear the tracking device.   The Yabby3 is protected in a plastic enclosure specifically designed for an animal collar. 

100lb dog gps tracker

100lb dog named “Meatball” wearing the Yabby3

50lb dog gps tracker

50lb dog named “Dalilah” wearing the Yabby3

Attachment to the LGD

The Oyster2 GPS tracker does not come attached to a collar or harness.  The folks over at Texas A&M AgriLife have created a video demonstrating how they install the tracking devices.  

Easy to use mobile app

Our mobile app is for both iPhones and Android phones, and is available for free on the app store.  The LoneStar Tracking software is easy to use, fast and secure.  We care about your privacy, so we encrypt all of your information and secure it with bank level encryption. 

Cell phone gps

Receive alerts right on your phone

You can be alerted if your animal crosses a fence line or enters an area that you don’t want them to be in.  Geofencing is an easy way to draw a perimeter with your computer, then receive an alert if the animal enters that area.  You will also be alerted if your YabbyGPS experiences a low battery condition.  These alerts can be send out via text message and via email.

GPS tracking for your LGDs is a great solution to learn more about the habits of your animals, easily locate the heard and to be notified if your LGD leaves the ranch.  While our cellular based tracking solution works great, it does depend on a cellular network being available.  Many producers live in areas with limited or no cell service which can make animal tracking difficult.  If you are in one of these areas, please give us a call to talk about our other options that we can offer.  

Want to learn more?

Visit our YabbyGPS page to learn more about our GPS collars can help with predation control and to protect your livestock guardian dogs, give us a call at any time.
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