LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway

Connecting Sensors Via Satellite

Global Coverage

Your LoRaWAN sensors can operate anywhere on the planet including the North and South Poles

Ultra Low Power

Our Satellite Gateway requires very little power and is specifically designed for solar powered applicatons


The LST360G is compatible with ALL LoRaWAN devices

LoRa Animal Tracking GPS

Add LoRaWAN Anywhere

LoRaWAN is known for its long distance and ultra low power requirements, but it still has restrictions.  Your gateway needs to have internet connectivity in order to route your data back to the internet which can be hard to come by in remote locations.  

The LST360G gateway provides this missing link and automatically routes your data via satellite giving you the ability to deploy LoRaWAN networks anywhere!

How it works?

The LST360G utilizes Low Earth Orbiting satellites (LEO) to relay sensor data from a remote location back to the internet.  One satellite from this constellation will fly by every 1-2 hours and will collect data from our gateway.  In between the upload periods, your sensors can continue to transmit data to our gateway, which stores this information until it is time to upload.  

We utilize two way communications to ensure that your data is reliably delivered and nothing is missed.  

Any LoRaWAN sensor can communicate with our gateway and prices can be as low as $6 per device per month for global communications.

LoRaWAN for Oil And Gas
LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway

Easy Installation

Our satellite based LoRaWAN gateways offer quick and easy outdoor installation.  The LST360G is able to operate on either solar power or 110v ac.  

What’s Included?

Why Choose LoneStar Tracking?

The LST360G gateway is specifically designed for areas with little or no cellular service.  This gives the user the ability to quickly deploy a LoRaWAN network anywhere on the globe at the lowest price in the market.  The gateway can support up to 100 LoRaWAN devices and allows new devices to be added at any time.

If you or your company is interested in deploying a LoRaWAN network in an area without cellular service, then contact one of our GPS tracking experts today to discuss the LST360G.  We can be reached at 1-877-777-8636 or via [email protected]

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