Mini GPS Tracker

The LoneStar Tracking Mini GPS Tracker is our most versatile, light weight, battery powered 4G LTE GPS Tracker available today. 

Mini gps tracker

The Mini Tracker Specs

Tiny, light-weight, and also effective, the Mini includes an optional weather-resistant magnetic case to connect to any type of tools, person or vehicle  without the demand for electrical wiring or power links. The Mini GPS Tracker goes anywhere as well as can track nearly anything.

The lasting rechargeable battery can track for approximately 8 days with 2 hrs of movement each day, as well as standards approximately 2 week with regular usage.

What Can I Track With The Mini GPS Tracker?

The mini gps tracker is small enough yet powerful enough to go anywhere and track anything.  Operating on the LTE 4G network, the tracking device works on the latest high speed cellular networks and is equipped with a 14 day battery. 

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