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FACT: Many cities across the United States of America have seen a spike in motorcycle theft over the last 10 years. The best way to stop yourself falling victim to theft and increasing the chances of recovering your bike is to install the right real-time motorcycle GPS tracker. The majority of the best GPS tracking systems on the market for motorcycles are discrete and hard to detect unless you thoroughly examine a bike. A very good tracking system will be water-resistant, capable of withstanding different weather conditions, durable, not easily tampered with and rugged.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker Theft

“The most popular way bikes are stolen across America is by lifting it off of the ground and loading them into a getaway vehicle which in most cases is a van. A van is the preferred vehicle of choice for stealing bikes because its quick, easy, quiet and has plenty of storage space. The thief doesn’t have to ride the stolen bike because they know it increases their chances of being caught by the police, however, using a van means they can hide it in the back without causing any level of suspension. It is the easiest way to steal a bike”



Your GPS tracker can deliver real time location information directly to your smartphone.  Depending on the service plan you choose, this can be up to the second or every several minutes to conserve battery.  This is a critical feature to be sure you and law enforcement know exactly where your stolen motorcycle is located.

Do you park your bike outside?  Worried about someone tampering with it?  Our trackers offer movement alerts that will send a text message to your phone if someone tampers with your bike.

You can define an unlimited number of GeoFences that will alert you by text or email when your bike enters or leaves one of these areas. 

If your bikes battery is running low, our tracking system can notify you by text or email.  Never again will you jump on your bike only to find a dead battery.

For some, just keeping a log of where they went cruising is great, but others may need to keep a detailed record of where their bike traveled.  Our route history will show you exactly the route your bike traveled, all of the stops and addresses.


Year after year, LoneStar Tracking is at the top of the list for Motorcycle GPS Trackers.  Not only because our trackers are rugged, waterproof, 4G and battery powered but also because of our amazing customer service.  Any time you need us, we are here to help.

Depending on the tracker that you choose, all units have an internal backup battery.  If someone disconnects your motorcycle battery, our tracker will immediately detect this, send you an alert and keep on tracking.

Whether you are using our mobile app or our website to track your bike, you will see a familiar platform with Google Maps. 

Our battery powered GPS trackers crush the competition because of our amazing battery life.  Several of our devices will track for 5 or more years without needing to be recharged! 

Included with your LoneStar Tracking GPS device is access to our iPhone and Android mobile app.  You can track your bike in real time right from your phone.


Finding a Motorcycle GPS tracker that ticks all the boxes and suits your needs is easier said than done because there are so many of them on the market. You need to do your homework and extensive research to make sure you make the right purchase however, it is worth noting that GPS tracking devices for motorcycles run on either cellular or satellite services. Cellular GPS service trackers will only send and receive messages within a certain provider’s range while satellite GPS tracking devices, on the other hand, will send and receive messages across the world.

Cellular Motorcycle GPS tracker
Motorcycle GPS Tracker with Satellite

Security Solutions & Theft Deterrent

Always take the necessary precautions and actions to ensure you are not a victim of bike theft. Never leave your bike parked outside all night in an area where it clearly visible to thieves. If you have a garage, leave it in there overnight and lock it with a padlock (Out of sight, out of mind). Even though you can purchase many different kinds of chains, locks and ground anchors, these can be cut off or removed if the thief is skilled and has the right tools. If your bike is away from public view at night, it reduces the chances of it being stolen. Alternatively, you can just get yourself the best GPS motorcycle tracker to suit your specific individual needs. FYI, LoJack is NOT an effective tracking or recovery device! The restrictions of use for a LoJack are extreme and the possibility of recovery is very slim.


The one thing that can discourage thieves from stealing a motorcycle is a good security system. A bike that doesn’t have a security system is exactly what thieves are looking for because it is like taking candy from a baby. They know full well that they can steal it and not be caught because in their profession, being caught in the act is something they don’t want.


The good thing about a motorcycle GPS tracker is they have real-time tracking capabilities even when the bike is off. This allows you to track and monitor multiple aspects of your motorcycle from our mobile app or computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Recovery using portable GPS trackers is increasing, don’t be the one who doesn’t get their bike back once stolen. Get your GPS tracker today and you will not be let down.

There are a few questions commonly asked by motorcycle owners when the topic of theft arises. When and where are highest theft rates in the U.S.? What types of motorcycles are the biggest target? Why are these motorcycles the biggest target? What is the best security solution? What is the biggest deterrent for thieves?

Summer was the Highest Rate of Theft in the U.S. in 2017

While we all know that crime doesn’t take a day off and it can happen anywhere and anytime. The majority of motorcycle thefts are seen as a seasonal crime because they happen a lot in the warm months, especially around the summertime. The largest percentages of motorcycle theft happen between the months of June and September. The highest percentage being in July and August as the graph illustrates.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker - Theft By Month

Which Bikes... And Why?

“Sports bikes are the most sort after bikes by thieves as well as popular models like Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha. The reason why thieves want these bikes are for their parts, they are hot property on the market. You can make a lot of money from a stolen bike if you break it up in part and sell them at very high prices. since we live in a technological age full of trackers, HPI checks and people becoming wiser when they buy a new vehicle (to avoid buying a stolen one) it’s much simpler for the thief to break the bike up into parts and sell them because it is harder to trace them that way.”

-Ask A Motorcycle Thief

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Norbert Pearce
Norbert Pearce
Gives me peace of mind
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I use this device to monitor my bike and it has exceeded my expectable. The app is quite nice and pleasant on the eye, and the tracker works well. The size is good, and battery life seems decent definitely worth the price to get the peace of mind this provides.
Ryan Burka
Ryan Burka
Handy little device
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This is hands down an amazing little tool. I never have to worry about my bike because it can track its movement anytime thanks to the user-friendly apps.


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