No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker

Imagine having the ability to track your vehicle and never have to worry about a monthly subscription.  LoneStar Tracking is proud to offer a selection of GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fees, Unlimited Tracking and a Friendly Mobile App.  You can now choose to pay for the entire year up front and not have to worry about a monthly bill.

Scorpion LTE NO Monthly Fee GPS Tracker

All GPS trackers require a subscription of some sort.  In order for a GPS tracker to operate, it requires a SIM card and an active cellular connection.  Your monthly or yearly subscription fee covers this cost and allows your GPS tracker to report it’s location to our servers.  We make it easy and all you to pay by the year so you don’t have to worry about a monthly fee.

For those of you that don’t need all the bells and whistles of a complete fleet tracking solution, the No-Monthly-Fee GPS Tracking service is perfect.  We took two of our most popular GPS Tracking devices and removed all the additional features to provide a slim lined tracking solution that allows people to locate their assets and not worry about monthly fees.  All the basic features are included such as Unlimited Locates, Coverage in the USA, a Mobile App and many other features.  

Included with every one of our tracking devices is our amazing technical support and customer service.  Our team of experts are available via phone, chat or email almost any time of the day.  We specialize in customizing your tracking solution to make sure that you get the most our of your investment.  Have a question before you make your purchase?  Contact us toll free at 1-877-777-8636 to talk to a GPS Tracking Expert today!

Real Time Alerts

Multi Unit Tracking

Whether you have 1 asset or 200, you can see all of your vehicles in one place with one app – LoneStar Tracking

Easy To Install

Our no monthly fee tracking devices are designed for quick and easy 2 wire installs.   Just connect the positive and negative wires to your battery, and you are ready to track!


Create up to 10 geozones per device and receive notifications when a device arrives at or departs from these virtual boundaries

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