Refrigerated Trailer Reefer GPS Temperature Monitoring Systems

An easy to use, rugged and waterproof GPS and Temperature Monitoring System

Remotely monitoring Reefer Trailer Temperature is critical in the cold-supply chain, not only for compliance, but also to detect refrigeration equipment failures.  The LoneStar Tracking solution is completely independent from the GPS tracking system that could be installed in the tractor.  This allows independent monitoring for the cargo only and not being dependent on the company pulling the load.   

Federal regulations in the United States make drivers and shippers responsible for guaranteeing safety for the food in their possession via the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Because of the high risks associated with consuming spoiled goods, these regulations are strictly enforced, and high standards are expected. Cold supply chain shippers and carriers are staying compliant using asset tracking sensors in their reefer trailers to monitor temperature and other environmental variables.

A Rugged and Waterproof Solution

The SolarMAX was designed specifically for harsh and rugged environments, such as those experienced by 18-wheelers.  The tracking device is quickly and easily installed on the exterior of the reefer with a temperature probe that can be run inside the reefer. 

The SolarMAX is solar powered, so installation is as simple as they come.  Just mount the tracker on the roof of your reefer, place a temperature probe inside the reefer and begin tracking.

All Data in a Simple Graph

Having an easy-to-understand temperature data graph with the ability to adjust the displayed information using filters and to zoom-in to view specific data points makes our system one of the easiest to use.  Combine temperature monitoring with GPS tracking to see when and where the temperature changes happened.

Reefer Temperature Monitor

Receive Instant Alerts

Set up alerts to notify your drivers, fleet manager and dispatchers as soon as any temperature changes appear and save your business from unexpected costs.

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