Small GPS Trackers

Everything you need to know about Small GPS Tracking Devices

Why Small?

You can HIDE it almost ANYWHERE!

Why do you get a GPS tracking system in the first place?  To protect, locate or monitor your property!  If a tracking device is easily noticed, it is easily disabled or removed.  This defeats the entire purpose.  A small GPS tracker is easy to install and even easier to hide!  

Do NOT underestimate the capabilities of a GPS tracking device due to its size.  A small GPS tracker can not only track but monitor your assets in “Real-Time”.  You can get on your smart phone app, tablet or computer to locate, monitor behavior and receive alerts or notifications from your asset.  Driver behavior, geofences, engine on/off, tamper alerts, panic buttons and more can be monitored using small GPS trackers.  Device check-in times can vary depending on your tracking needs, 2 seconds to 25 hours.  Know what’s happening when it’s happening.   

LoneStar Tracking GL300 small gps tracker

Track Your Valuable Assets

Small GPS trackers can easily be hidden on any asset almost anywhere.  Locate bags, cargo, equipment, luggage,  any object or person from a smart phone or computer.

Track & Monitor Vehicles

Not only locate in “Real-Time” but monitor many other aspects of cars, trucks, ATVs, RVs, Boats and more.  Know where your vehicles are and how they are being operated or driven.

Alerts & Notifications

When the tracking device starts moving, tilted or tampered with alerts can be sent to any smart phone or computer. Driver behavior, impact detection, geofences and  much more can be monitored.       

A small GPS tracker can be completely battery powered, wired with backup battery or have an OBDII port connection.  Each way to power the device has pros and cons.  Battery power only devices can be placed anywhere, but need to be recharged about every 2 weeks.  Wired devices can give you more information, but need to connect to a power source in the asset.  OBDII devices are easy to “plug in” and receive more information, but not all vehicles have an OBDII port.

GPS relies on cellular (3G or 4G) or satellite coverage.  Most GPS trackers use cellular services (ie. Verizon, AT&T, T-Moblie) and are on a 3G network.  Cellular service providers will be ending support for their 3G networks starting the end of 2019; NO 3G GPS tracking devices will function with that provider.  **If you plan on purchasing a GPS tracker that will last you a few years, get a device utilizing 4G or satellite services. 

There are many more advantages to having a small GPS tracker, but most importantly, they will effectively help you keep track of and monitor your property .  

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