The 4 Main Advantages of Installing a Boat GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker Boat Diagram

Boat thefts have been on the rise in recent years. Few boats that are stolen are ever recovered.

Having your boat stolen or damaged by thieves can be heartbreaking. Your boat is your investment and it’s important to do everything you can to protect it.

Boat owners can install a boat GPS tracker to protect their asset. If you have boat insurance, you might even be required to install a boat GPS.

Keep reading to learn more about the main advantages of installing a GPS tracker on your boat. 

1. Insurance Benefits

Did you know that some insurance companies will give you a discount on your boat insurance if you install a boat GPS tracker? In fact, some insurance carriers require you to install a GPS for coverage.

Contact your insurance carrier to make sure you are in compliance with your policy and to inquire about getting a discount. When you purchase a boat GPS from us, we will provide proof of coverage for you to provide your insurance company. 

2. Real-Time Tracking

Boat GPS trackers can provide instant and accurate information from anywhere in the world. You will have the ability to track your boat in waterways, harbors, and even the open sea in real-time.

This means you can easily recover your boat and passengers in case something goes wrong. Of course, you’ll always know where your boat is in the event it has gone missing. 

3. Protection From Theft

Your boat tracking device can be used to instantly detect an attempt to steal your boat. You can program a boat GPS with a “geo-fence location” to set a pre-determined boundary around your boat.

Your GPS system can be integrated with the security system already on your boat to monitor motion and door sensors. This can trigger an alarm if your boat is stolen or an intruder comes on board.

If the GPS detects unauthorized movement, you will be notified so you can contact the authorities before the thieves get away. 

4. Peace of Mind

Your boat GPS will allow you to plan and organize before and while you sail. You can save and later view details about the routes you have taken.

You will be updated on any pump failures or malfunctions as well as inclement weather conditions. Weather updates can ensure you plan ahead and stay safe.

You can rest assured that your crew and boat are safe with a GPS tracker.

Install a Boat GPS Tracker Today

Your boat is a huge investment that you want to protect. Save money and get peace of mind with a boat GPS tracker today.

Not only are they affordable, but they are easy to install and last for years. You’ll get more than your money’s worth with our water-resistant and durable products. It’s easy to use our boat GPS trackers because of their friendly user-interfaces.

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