Barra Edge 4G/5G GPS Indoor/Outdoor Tracker

  • $14.95 Per month – Cancel Anytime – No Contracts – No Hidden Fees
  • Instant Theft Alerts – Receive instant movement alerts right on your phone
  • Indoor/Outdoor – Uses satellites, WiFi and cell tower triangulation
  • No Wires to Connect – Quickly and easily install the Barra Edge on any asset
  • Amazing Battery Life – Don’t worry about frequently changing batteries, you can expect up to 8 years on 2 AA batteries (included) at 1 location update per day
  • Waterproof and IP 68 Rugged – Withstands water, mud, impacts and more
  • Frequent Updates – To save battery life the device checks-in every 5 minutes or 1 hour when moving, every 12 hours when not
  • iPhone and Android app – Track on Computer, tablet or cell phone browser
  • Google Maps  – View tracker on Google Maps with: Live Traffic, Street View


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Barra Edge uses cloud technology for real-time tracking, offering access from anywhere for continuous monitoring.


This tracker seamlessly operates in indoor and outdoor settings, suitable for a variety of applications.


Installation is hassle-free as it’s wire-free, relying on batteries for power, eliminating the need for complex wiring or professional installation.


Its slim, robust design allows discreet attachment and resilience in extreme conditions, perfect for challenging environments.

Barra Edge GPS on a ship


The Barra Edge is designed to give you up to 10 years of battery.  This is dependent on many factors (click here for more details).  Most users see 2-3 years on average.

Absolutely!  The Barra Edge is rated IP68 which beats almost every other GPS tracker on the market.  

While all GPS trackers will perform better if they can see the GPS satellites, the Barra Edge can use WiFi and Cell Tower data to calculate a location.  If you intend to hide the device, just be sure to test it.

The Barra Edge uses 2 AA batteries.  We recommend the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.

Yes, all GPS trackers will require a subscription to operate.  

When you purchase a subscription, you can choose updates every 5 minutes or every hour.

Yes, we have a mobile app for both iPhone and Android.  Just search the app store for “LoneStar Tracking”

Yes,  most of our customers use Geofence alerts and also Movement alerts.  You can also enable low battery alerts if needed.

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