i-Button Vehicle Package



  • 1 i-Button Package for 1 Vehicle
  • Compatible With The Scorpion GPS
  • Driver Identification and Score Cards
  • Requires Gold Tracking Package

Available on backorder

Scorpion iButton

Vehicle i-Button Package

Our Scorpion GPS tracker allows you to add many accessories to customize your GPS tracking experience.  The i-Button package allows your drivers the ability to “log-in” to the vehicle before they drive.  That way, you can track exactly what driver has which vehicle.

Driver Behavior

By adding i-Button capabilities to your tracking system, you can now track the performance of each driver.  Score cards are generated that will allow you to improve your driver coaching and are automatically calculated and delivered to you via email on a schedule that works best. 

i-Button Installation

Installation is easy…  To add an i-Button to your existing Scorpion GPS tracker, you will need to connect two wires.  After the wires are connected, just mount the i-Button receiver on the dash and you are ready to go. 

Using our website, you will assign each driver their own i-Button.  That way, we can track which driver is using which vehicle and calculate score cards.

Each i-Button package includes 1 receiver and 1 dongle.  Installation is not included and professional installation is recommended.

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