LST501 Live Streaming Dash Camera

  • Live Streaming – Easily view real time video from your phone or a computer
  • GPS – Real time vehicle location
  • Easy Installation – Typically takes about 15 minutes
  • Mobile App – both iPhone or Android
  • G-Shock Sensor – Driver behavior

$34.95 / month and a $249.95 sign-up fee

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live streaming dash camera

Dual Lens

The LST501 camera has both forward and in-cab facing cameras

Real Time

Instantly view a live video stream right from your phone

Alarm Alert

Notify your driver of harsh driving conditions to assist in training


The LST501 uses the latest in 4G cellular technology, GPS and WiFi.

live streaming dash camera front and back

All In One Design

Requiring professional installation is a thing of the past.  Our LST501 dash camera is easy to install and easy to use.  Simply use the included wiring harness to plug directly in the vehicle diagnostic port, or any constant 12v power source. 

Built-in Speaker and Microphone

As a fleet or HSE manager, having the proper tools to manage your equipment and drivers is critical.  With 2-way audio capabilities, you can easily work with and train your drivers in real-time.  As well, if there is ever an incident on the road, having both the audio and video can be crucial.   

dash camera with 2 way audio
dash camera with mobile app

Easy Installation and Viewing

To make installation and use of your new LST501 as easy as possible, our mobile app (for both iPhone and Android) is available for real time streaming and camera diagnostics.

Real Time GPS Tracking

The LST501 Dash Camera includes a high performance GPS receiver.  This allows you to not only watch the live video from the vehicle, but to also track the vehicle in real time using Google Maps.  Our easy to use software will even give you the ability to schedule maintenance reminders, create GeoFences, view vehicle route history and much more.

Cell phone gps

LST501 Camera Highlights


The LST501 live streaming dash camera is flexible for any type of vehicle or use case.  While our default configuration will allow you to monitor the location of your fleet and give you the ability to live stream from any vehicle at any time, other users may require 24 hour streaming capabilities.  If your company is interested in learning more about our live streaming dash cameras, give us a call to speak with a dash camera expert today.  1-877-777-8636 or via email at [email protected]

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