Oyster3 Waterproof Battery Powered GPS Tracking Device 5G Cat-M1

  • $14.95 Per month – Cancel Anytime – No Contracts – No Hidden Fees
  • Instant Theft Alerts – Receive instant movement alerts right on your phone
  • No Wires to Connect – Quickly and easily install the Oyster3 on any asset
  • Amazing Battery Life – Don’t worry about frequently changing batteries, you can expect up to 10 years on 3 AA batteries (included) at 1 location update per day
  • Waterproof and IP 68 Rugged – Withstands water, mud, impacts and more
  • Frequent Updates – To save battery life the device checks-in every 5 minutes or 1 hour when moving, every 12 hours when not
  • iPhone and Android app – Track on Computer, tablet or cell phone browser
  • Google Maps View tracker on Google Maps with: Live Traffic, Street View



Meet the Oyster3

America’s most dependable and longest lasting GPS tracker, the Oyster3.

Compact Device With Amazing Battery Life

The Oyster3 is the industries best performing and longest lasting asset GPS tracker with an astonishing 10 year battery life at one update per day!  Location is updated every 5 minutes or 1 hour while moving and every 12 hours when stationary.  Having a super long battery life means you can mount it and forget it.  No wires to connect, outstanding performance and great coverage across North America.  

Oyster3 Asset Tracker gps boat tracker
Buying Your First GPS Tracker

5 Minute or 1 Hour Updates While Moving

When tracking assets, trailers, equipment or boats, you need a tracking device that can last without needing to constantly be recharged.  The Oyster3 was designed to update the location of your asset every 5 minutes or hour while moving, every 12 hours when stationary.  This allows the Oyster3 to sleep and conserve battery.  You will still receive instant alerts if your asset starts to move, entering or exiting a geofence or low battery right on your smart phone.  This is the perfect trailer gps tracker if you don’t want to mess with wires or antennas!

Extremely Easy To Replace Batteries

When your Oyster3 starts to run low on batteries (included), you will receive an alert.  You just need to unscrew the back and replace the 3 AA batteries.  You can purchase Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries at any convenience store or https://www.lonestartracking.com/product-category/accessories/ .

Works Where & When You Need It

What’s the point of a GPS tracker that doesn’t work when you need it?  We have created partnerships with cellular carriers across the globe to make sure your tracker works when and where you need it to.  In the USA, your new tracker will operate on the AT&T Cat-M1 and NB-IoT networks, giving you the reliability and coverage you need.  If you need coverage outside of North America, be sure to contact us before you place your order. Click here for the Coverage Area

Powerful Tracking System

Simple and dependable are the two key points that LoneStar Tracking focuses on when developing a tracking system.  Our powerful tracking software will allow you to quickly see all your assets on one map, define geofences and setup/configure alerts.  You can have as many users as you need and you can access the system from your Android or iPhone, or computer.

computer and iphone gps tracking app
GPS Tracking Phone Alerts

Instant Movement Alerts

The Oyster3 never takes a break and is constantly monitoring your asset for movement.  If movement is detected, the system will immediately notify you via text message, email and a push notification so you can take immediate action.  Unlike other tracking systems, we specifically designed ours to limit false notifications.  If you receive an alert, you can be confident that your asset is on the move.

Encrypted GPS

Only LoneStar Tracking provides end-to-end encryption and security.  We care about your data and your privacy, your location data is encrypted right at the source on the GPS tracker using military grade AES256 encryption.  No one can access your location unless they have your username and password. 

Encrypted GPS

Optional Magnets

By default, the Oyster3 does not include magnets and is normally mounted on an asset by using the two screw holes.  However, we do offer extremely strong magnets that you can add to your Oyster3 GPS tracker.  These can be purchased at any time and installed on your Oyster3 now or at any time in the future.  Click here to purchase the magnets.

Whats Included?

Your Oyster3, also known as the ATLT tracking device is pre-programmed, tested and is ready to be used when you receive your package. If you have any questions about your new tracker, our friendly team of GPS tracking experts are here to help.

Compare Asset Trackers

Yabby Edge 100x100Oyster Asset Tracker gps boat trackerTitan Asset Tracker GPS
Yabby EdgeOyster3 GPSTitanLTE
Battery Life (Sitting Idle)10 Years10 YearsUnlimited
Battery Life (Driving 2 Hours Per Day)1.89 Years1.9 YearsUnlimited
Battery Type3 AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 3 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Requires 12V DC
Update Frequency5 Minutes5 Minutes1 Minute
Size (LxWxH)3.35" x 2.48" x .94″4.25" x 3.39" x 1.22″5.43" x 2.60" x 1.50"
Cellular TechnologyCat-M1 4G/5GCat-M1 4G/5GCat-M1 4G/5G
Coverage AreaGlobalGlobalGlobal
Cellular CarriersAT&T & TMobileAT&T & TMobileAT&T & TMobile
LNA Amplifier (gps amplifier)YesYesNo
Location PrecisionMediumHighHigh
Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 4.2 × 3.4 × 1.2 in
Service Plan

1 Hour Updates, 5 Minute Updates

Service Length

Month to Month, Yearly

Include Magnets

Yes (+$9.95), No

Try For Free

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