ScorpionLTE 5G Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker

  • PINPOINT YOUR PROPERTY to within feet. Easy under-dash installation with 2 wires allows usage monitoring and real-time vehicle recovery.
  • 10 – 30 V DC With Overvoltage Protection
  • INTERNAL BACKUP BATTERY will keep your tracker alive if someone disconnects your main battery
  • EASY INSTALL with 2 wires (positive and negative)
  • iButton Driver Login
  • DRIVER SCORE CARD – Monitor your driver behavior and score each driver automatically
  • MULTIPLE UNIT DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE – Call for more information



Whether you are a fleet manager, a parent, or merely a conscientious car owner, GPS vehicle tracking enables you to keep track of your fleet, teenager drivers, or cars. The ScorpionLTE Vehicle GPS is a real-time tracker that tracks your vehicle with instantaneous speed and location accuracy. Pinpoint your vehicles within feet of their actual location with this powerful truck tracker, which is loaded with extra features for a variety of applications.

The LoneStar Scorpion LTE vehicle tracker is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which features LTE Cat M1 cellular technology. This technology applies specifically to machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. It allows you to connect to M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) devices through a low‑power, wide‑area (LPWA) air interface. It does this using medium data requirements that promote longer battery life and broader ranges than other standard cellular technologies.

Because of LTE Cat M1 technology, fleet managers can apply it to just about any application in the transport industry. While the unit’s primary function is vehicle tracking, its features easily apply to more advanced applications such as delivery services, logistics, and utility transport.


The Scorpion LTE has several key features, including:

– Driver Scorecard

– Easy under-the-dash setup

– Internal backup battery

– Overvoltage battery protection

– Configurable inputs and outputs

– 1-Wire® protocol

– CAN adapter support


Driver Scorecard

With the Driver Scorecard, you can monitor driving behavior. You can also keep the score of each driver who uses the driver scorecard. Think of the scorecard as a running evaluation of driver performance. It tracks based on select driving metrics like idling or speeding.

Driver scorecards allow you to track potential risky driving behaviors. The data helps you decide who may need additional training. You can also track and appropriately recognize the safest drivers in your fleet.

The Driver Scorecard generates a driver and vehicle reports, which lists the recorded drivers, their vehicles, and their score in all the measured categories. The system also generates a summary chart that displays the overall performance of your fleet.


Under-the-Dash Setup

Install the Scorpion LTE under the dash, which means an easy setup on your part. Your unit is wired to your vehicle for a continual power supply and direct monitoring.


Internal battery

The Scorpion LTE has an internal backup battery should the vehicle experience a loss of power. If your vehicle’s battery dies or is disconnected, the Scorpion’s GPS tracking stays online. It will continue to send data to Lonestar’s servers.


Overvoltage Protection

The unit is also able to accept 10-30 V DC and has over voltage protection for added security and peace of mind.


Configurable Inputs and Outputs

Using the unit’s configurable inputs, you can select which external events you’d like to monitor, such as a door sensor or a water level threshold crossing. The system will send you alerts through text or email.


1-Wire® Protocol

With the 1-Wire® protocol support, you can identify as many as 500 authorized drivers. You can also connect temperature sensors. In addition, the iButton® and RFID® technology prevent unauthorized access to your fleet. The temperature sensors enable you to monitor and control your cargo remotely.


CAN Adapter Support

The Scorpion vehicle tracker is compatible with additional accessories, such as the LV-CAN200 and ALLCAN300. These enable you to receive Control Area Network (CAN) data from your assets, whether they are trucks, light-duty vehicles, buses, special transports, or agriculture vehicles such as tractors.

Lonestar’s list of supported vehicles included over 1800 models. Each model has its own installation instructions and wiring diagrams. The available parameters are total fuel, RPM, vehicle mileage, fuel level, and several more.


Some additional applications include:

– Delivery transport

– Public safety

– Rental cars

– Taxi services

– Refrigerated transport


Delivery Transport

The Scorpion GPS tracker allows you to take complete control of your fleet, enabling you to execute timely and professional distribution of your goods. You can also optimize your route and reduce your fuel expenses as much as 30%. Because you can identify your drivers and their behavior, you can ensure accountability and adhere to your company’s delivery standards. Should you receive any complaints, you can review the associated data.


Public Safety

Public safety depends largely on the ability to track, monitor, and respond to emergency calls. The Scorpion contains the technology to accomplish this. You will know the current status and location of your emergency response vehicles, thus, increase your team’s response time.

You can assess the real-time status of your equipment as well, such as water pumps, sirens, ladders, and so on. Such data aids in enforcing accountability and correct execution of the equipment.


Rental Cars

To ensure excellent customer service in the rental car industry, you must be able to track your vehicles. It’s essential to know your fleet’s location as well as each vehicle’s history and current status.

Our system also enables you to lock and unlock your vehicles remotely, which is an added convenience for customers as well as theft prevention. The system will also send you notifications about potential contract violations and driver behavior.


Taxi Services

The Scorpion LTE enables taxi companies to remain competitive in their industry. You can monitor your drivers’ safety and accountability. You can also track pickup and drop-off destinations as well as fuel consumption. Adding a Bluetooth headset feature also allows you to communicate with your drivers.


Refrigerated Transport

The Scorpion GPS truck tracker is advantageous for refrigerated transport due to its extended input and output sets, which, together with the 1-wire interface, monitors your cargo temperature. Along with the CAN adapters, the Scorpion becomes a powerful tool for transport related to agriculture, mining, and construction.


Powerful Tracking Made Easy

At Lonestar, we truly do make GPS tracking easy. The Scorpion LTE is no exception. Select from our Silver and Gold Service plans and start taking advantage of this powerful GPS vehicle tracking system today.

Whats Included:

(1) Scorpion LTE tracking device
(1) Wiring harness
(1) Installation Directions (3 wire install)

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