Smartone C 8v-22v power cable

  • 8VDC to 22VDC Power Cable
  • Two dry contacts for sensor connections
  • Automatic switching to Smartone C internal AAA batteries if needed


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The SmartOne C includes 4 AAA batteries which are capable of powering the unit for up to 750 days.  If you want to hard wire the SmartOne C to your boat or asset’s 12v battery system, then this cable is for you. If your SmartOne C is ever disconnected from it’s power source, it will automatically switch to the internal AAA batteries and continue normal operation.


When using the 8-22 V external input cable (PN# 2030-0307-01), the supply voltage applied to the Line Power + wire
must be between 8.0 VDC and 22VDC. If less than 8 VDC is applied, the regulator will not function properly. If more than
22VDC is applied, there is a chance that the regulator will be damaged.
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