SmartOne C – Global Battery Powered GPS Tracker

  • Mil Spec – Manufactured to military specifications for quality and durability MIL STD 810/IP68
  • Quick installation – Use the included industrial adhesives, brackets or screw mounts for installation
  • Battery Powered – Powered by 4 AAA batteries (included) or an optional external cable
  • Amazing Coverage – Global coverage on the Globalstar Satellite Network
  • No Contracts – Price includes the Globalstar $30 activation fee



Global coverage anywhere on the planet

In this modern day and age, your organization’s activities extend across the world stage, so when it comes to asset tracking, you need a device with global capabilities.

Smartone C open

Battery powered with external power options

The Smartone C is designed to operate on 4 AAA batteries and can provide up to two years of global tracking.  You can also connect an optional wiring harness to connect the Smartone C to an external power source, such as a boat battery.  If your boats battery ever dies, the Smartone C will automatically switch to its internal AAA batteries and continue to track.

Alerts and notificaitons

The SmartOne C global tracker utilizes motion sensors, comparative GPS positions, as well as custom configured sensors to obtain and transmit data to the GlobalStar satellite network. That data is then transported through the internet to the LoneStar Tracking application server. At this stage, the data is decoded and then it’s made available to the end user. You may receive notifications by e-mail, text message (SMS) or through the LoneStar online dashboard.

Globalstar Simplex coverage map

Unmatched global coverage

The Globalstar satellites provide reliability and operability worldwide connecting users in areas where traditional networks are unreliable or unavailable. Globalstar products transmit more than 1.3 billion messages a year, tracking assets, saving lives, connecting IoT devices in locations beyond cellular coverage. To date, there have been nearly 6,000 rescues initiated worldwide thanks to the Globalstar Satellites and our lifesaving technology. 

Maximum battery life expectancy

Check-in Frequency* Estimated Max Battery Life
Every 24 Hours750 Days
Every 12 Hours500 Days
Every 8 Hours400 Days
Every 4 Hours200 Days
Every 1 Hour80 Days
  • Battery estimates are only an estimate and can very by 50%.  The life of the battery depends on many factors including temperature and installation location. 
Battery Life GPS

Whats included?

Your Smartone C tracking device is pre-programmed, tested and is ready to be used when you receive your package. If you have any questions about your new tracker, our friendly team of GPS tracking experts are here to help.

Real world examples

The following details an example of how this global GPS tracking device can be used in a commercial application.

A rail transportation company wants to track several of their freight trains as they routinely travel between Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana. They make several stops along the way. The company would like to be notified regarding the location of the freight train once every hour. Additionally, they want to know when the train leaves one station and enters the next, as well as how long the train remains stopped at each station. They would also like to occasionally check in on the speed of the trains to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

To customize the notification settings to meet these demands, this rail transportation company would sign up for the 24 locates per day plan. This will provide them with a location report every hour. Geofences would be set up within a given radius around each train station, so the company is notified whenever the train enters or leaves said station. The online dashboard provides the duration of time the train has been stopped at one station for the loading and unloading of freight. The motion/vibration sensor will show movement reports as the train travels between the target locations. A compliance officer can also utilize the online dashboard to check the speed of the train at any given time.

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