SmartOne Solar – Solar-Powered Asset Tracker


  • Solar-power recharges the internal batteries to provide up to 10 years of maintenance-free service.
  • Uses screw mounts or stainless steel bracket for quick installation.
  • Simple packaging that requires no harnesses, external power or external antennas.
  • Automatic alert function: Senses a change of location and sends an alert if the asset moves outside of a pre-configured range.
  • A Reduced Messaging Mode that lessens satellite messaging if the asset remains in the same location for a pre-determined period of time.
  • Accepts serial signals (TTL) from external inputs.



There are many tracker devices on the market today that can help you manage your company’s high-valued remote assets across the globe. Utilizing satellite technology, these trackers aren’t limited to areas within reach of a cellular network.

Sounds great, right?

Many of these tracking devices require routine maintenance — replacing dead batteries, broken wires and cracked casings. You are searching for a way to make your job easier, not to purchase a device that comes with a to-do list.

Good news:
A new device has been released, the latest in the SmartOne lineup of trackers. This product is maintenance free, as it is solar-powered and features a rechargeable battery that provides up to 10 years of service! As an added bonus, it’s environmentally friendly. This is the first, truly set-and-forget, global asset tracker device. This is the SmartOne Solar. Welcome to the bright future of asset tracking and management.

SmartOne Solar Benefits:
• Operates on one of the fastest satellite networks in the word
• Simple, quick installation with industrial adhesive or screws
• Save time and money due to the maintenance-free design
• Sunlight recharges the battery, which can last up to 10 years
• Global coverage to track your assets anytime, anywhere

Potential Applications
Commercial applications for this tracker include everything imaginable. It’s widely used in various industries such as transportation, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, railroad, forestry, mining, security, marine, and government. This device can be used to track assets including fleet vehicles, boats, railcars, trailers, shipping containers, barges, construction equipment, propane tanks and more.

Built to Survive Extreme Environments
The SmartOne Solar device has so many safety and device certifications, no matter the application, it will stand up to the test. It’s built to military standards and the casing provides protection against ingress of dust, high temperature and high-pressure water. The device is intrinsically safe, meaning it’s designed to be used in hazardous areas where combustible material may be present and minimizes the risk of ignition in such instances. The SmartOne Solar is even rated to be resistant to fire and explosions. Your assets are an investment and they are expected to last, so your tracking device.

SmartOne Solar Alerts & Notifications
The SmartOne Solar uses motion sensors, comparative GPS positions, as well as custom configured sensors to acquire and transfer information to the GlobalStar satellite network. That data is then delivered via the internet to the LoneStar tracking application server. Once the data is decoded, it’s then made available to the end user in a useful format. You may receive notifications by any of these convenient methods: e-mail, text message or through the LoneStar online dashboard.

Alert Types:
• GPS location reports
• Entering or exiting a geofence (a predetermined virtual perimeter)
• Breadcrumbing provides a history of activities and movements
• Inputs available to manage engine run time, tank level or alarms
• Can receive and send data from external sensors
• Diagnostic messages including low battery alert

Alert Features:
• 12 different reporting times available (contact us for customer intervals)
• Interval or 24-hour operation mode
• Alternate reporting schedules
• Reduced messaging mode for cost-savings

Manage your Global Assets, Not your Tracker
By implementing the SmartOne Solar into your business processes, you will reap immediate benefits. Use this solar-powered GPS tracker to solve your remote monitoring needs. No longer will you have to deal with the headache of purchasing and replacing batteries. Having a maintenance free device allows you to focus on managing your assets, not your tracker. Save your business time, money and achieve peace of mind with the SmartOne Solar.

What’s Included:
(1) SmartOne Solar Satellite Tracker Device
(1) Mounting Hardware Package

Technical Specifications:

Device Weight
Device Weight with optional mounting bracket
13.50 oz (0.84 lbs)
40.57 oz (2.54 lbs)
Device Dimensions (w/ brackets) 3.25” (H) x 7” (W) x 1.125” (D)
Operating Temperature -40° to +85° C
Input Voltage 10 to 48 VDC
Battery Type Built-in Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
(up to 10 years run-time)
Satellite Type Global LEO Satellite Operation
Operates On Globalstar Simplex Data Network
Geographical Coverage Global Coverage, See Coverage Map
Certifications FCC, ISED, CE
ANATEL (Pending), IFT, JQA (Japan)
AUS/NZ CISRP 22 (Pending)
Intrinsic Safety Certifications – ATEX/IEC Ex ia llC T4 Ga, AEx ia llC T4 Ga
For international Zone 0 applications, IECEx,
OSHA Hazard Location Classification of Class 1,
UL 60079-0, CSA 22.2 No. 60079-0, CSA 157-92
(Class1 Div1), HERO
– EX COMPONENT, related to schedule drawing
Standards – WEEE Compliant
– IP69K (Ingress Protection)
– MIL-STD-810G for: Immersion, Impact
Resistance, Salt Fog, Acidic Atmosphere,
Humidity, Vibration
Manufactured For Powered, Non-Powered, Fixed and Mobile Assets
Device Warranty 1 Year


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