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Warranty: 1 Year

Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Set it and forget it - Solar powered GPS tracking

Give yourself peace of mind when you use the SolarMAX solar-powered GPS tracking device. Never worry again about your prized possessions running off in the wrong hands. The SolarMax GPS never needs to charge, allowing for 24/7 tracking without any downtime. Remove the GPS from the package, apply the device to your trackable item, and feel your stress about safeguarding your belongings disappear.  This truly is the Ultimate Solar Powered Asset Tracker.



A Tracking Device With All The Bells And Whistles

When you think of a tracking device, you probably think of a computer chip that you secretly place on an item and then track the whereabouts of that item on your computer.

This is exactly what a standard tracking device is, but the SolarMAX GPS is no ordinary tracking device. 

First and foremost, just as the name implies — this is a solar-powered GPS tracking device. This means there is no need to worry about charging your GPS ever. A key feature such as this is a must-have when using a GPS tracking device to monitor your expensive investments around the clock.

No more lugging around power cords or monitoring the amount of power left in the device. Having a reliable GPS tracking device that never loses power is an essential feature when constant surveillance is required. Plus, there is no need to hide this tracker in a location where water can’t enter – SolarMAX GPS is waterproof!

The sheer simplicity of the SolarMAX GPS sets it apart from other solar-powered GPS trackers.

The device is ready to start tracking the moment it arrives. SolarMAX GPS features three different options depending on how you’d like to install your new asset tracker. You can either screw the device to your trailer or other trackable assets, apply a heavy-duty double-sided tape to the device, or use our durable 90-pound magnets for easy removal from one asset to another. 

The perfect tracker for box trailers

Imagine installing a real time GPS tracking device on your trailer in under 30 seconds.  No wires to connect and a battery that never runs low.  Introducing the SolarMAX GPS Tracker from LoneStar Tracking.  This tracker provides location updates every 1 minute to give you pin-point accuracy and displays all the information in Google Maps.  Using our 90lbs magnets, you can quickly place the SolarMAX GPS Tracker on the top of your trailer and you are ready to track!

Asset GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking Phone Alerts

Instant movement alerts

The SolarMAX GPS Tracker is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer that allows the tracker to sleep when your asset is not in use.  As soon as the SolarMAX detects movement, you will instantly receive an alert on your phone or computer, so you can take action FAST. 

Outstanding coverage

The SolarMAX GPS Tracker operates on the AT&T Cat-M1 cellular network while in North America.  But if you plan traveling over seas, just notify our support team and we can enable 2G support.  That way, your SolarMAX GPS Tracker can operate in almost any country in the world.  Need global coverage?  Take a look at the SmartOne Solar.

cellular network
Cell phone gps

Easy to use cloud software

The SolarMAX GPS Tracker was designed with a couple key points in mind.  Dependability and ease of use.  Whether you use an iPhone, Android or a PC, our cloud based software is user friendly, always up-to-date, and has the features you need to manage your assets.


Now with the SolarMAX GPS secured to your asset — it is time for the tracking to begin!

This GPS unit is a simple device with multiple benefits and impeccable security. Our device is both user-friendly, extremely dependable, and gives you instant access from any device. Whether you’re using an iPhone, an Android device, or a computer — you will have up to date access on the whereabouts of your personal assets in a matter of seconds. 

A key feature that plays a major role in GPS tracking is our instant movement alerts. This feature allows the GPS tracker to sleep when it is not being used. As soon as the device detects any movement you will receive an instant alert on your device. 

The SolarMAX GPS operates on the AT&T Cat M-1 cellular network. Allowing your device to be in good hands in terms of outstanding coverage. Global coverage is also available for tracking your assets worldwide!

Don’t wait to protect your expensive personal assets any longer! Order your SolarMAX GPS today! 

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