TitanLTE 5G Wired Waterproof GPS Asset Tracker

  • Ideal for tracking trailers or other assets with a 12v power source
  • Easy Installation – The Titan only requires 2 wires, a positive and negative
  • Coverage – The TitanLTE operates on both 4G and 5G cellular networks in North America
  • Waterproof – IP67 rated means it can handle any weather conditions you can throw at it
  • Amazing Backup Battery – The TitanLTE is equipped with a backup battery that can last up to 60 days
  • Frequent Updates – Your tracker will update its location every 1 minute while moving



TitanLTE Waterproof GPS Tracker

The most rugged tracker made

There aren’t many products on the market today that can outperform the TitanLTE Wired Waterproof GPS Asset Tracker, this is how confident we are with our product. This device will not let you down if you give it a try, in fact, it will be one of the best products of its kind you will ever use.

Set it and forget it with reliable tracking

The TitanLTE is the most rugged, dependable and versatile tracker with the ability to operate on 8v to 32v DC.  That means it works on vehicles, ATVs, boats, trailers, reefers and even military vehicles.  It is even equipped with a backup battery that can continue to track for up to 90 days if disconnected from the main battery.  The TitanLTE is configured to update its position every 1 minute while moving and once per day when parked.  This is the perfect GPS tracker for trailers if your trailer has a battery.

Instant alerts sent right to your phone

The TitanLTE never sleeps and is constantly monitoring your asset.  If your device moves, you will receive an instant alert notifying you so you can immediately take action.  You can also receive alerts if your asset enters or exits a geofence or is disconnected from its main power source.

A powerful tracking system

Easy to use and reliable describe our tracking software that’s available on both your cell phone or your computer.  You can quickly see where all your assets are located, what is moving and where it has been.  Route reports and unlimited history are available so you can look at your data at any time.

Cell phone gps

What's included?

Your TitanLTE tracking device is pre-programmed, tested and is ready to be used when you receive your package. If you have any questions about your new tracker, our friendly team of GPS tracking experts are here to help.

The TitanLTE operates on the Verizon cellular network in the USA.  Your tracking devices will only operate if it is in range of a Verizon cellular tower.  If you require coverage outside of the United States, please contact us before purchase and we can enable global coverage. Click here for the Coverage Area

The TitanLTE only requires two wires, a positive and negative wire to complete the install.  This tracker has several other wires included in the harness, however they are not used.  In the future, we may add functionality to these other wires such as monitoring fuel levels or turning on and off an alarm. 

You can set as many Geofences as you like.  Our services is completely unlimited.

The TitanLTE operates on the Verizon Cat-M1 network in all 50 states.

No, the TitanLTE is pre-configured to update its location once every 1 minute while moving and once per day when stationary.  If you need a different reporting interval, please contact our support team and we can make an adjustment.

Yes, you will be able to view all your tracking devices on the same screen.   You can also have multiple user accounts that can access all the trackers if needed.

Yes, we have a mobile app for both the iPhone and the Android.  Just search for “LoneStar Tracking” in the app store. 

The TitanLTE includes a large wiring harness that has several wires.  For your installation, you only need two.  A solid black wire (ground) and a solid red wire (positive).  You will notice that there are two black wires and two red wires.  This is because the Titan can connect to two different power sources.  So you can select either one and connect it to your power source. 

The other wires can be zip-tied out of the way and are not used today.  In the future, we may add additional features to this tracker that would utilize these additional wires.  Or feel free to cut them to make the install cleaner.

When the TitanLTE is connected to your asset battery, it will pull about 180mA until the internal battery is charged.  

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