TLW2 Rugged Wired GPS Tracking Device With BLE

  • IP67 Rugged and Designed For Outdoors
  • Fast Location Updates Every 60 Seconds
  • Large Backup Battery
  • Instant Movement Alerts
  • Coverage Across North America
  • Easy To Use Mobile App

From: $14.95 / month and a $149.95 sign-up fee


tlw2 back gps

Designed To Take Anything You Throw At It

If you are looking for a dependable tracking device that is designed to be mounted outdoors and has a large backup battery, then the TLW2 is your tracker.  This device is equipped with BLE so you can even monitor external sensors such as temperature, doors or BLE beacons.  

Near Real Time Location Updates

The TLW2 is designed to give you the information you need to monitor your fleet or recover your equipment if stolen, right on your mobile phone.  This tracking device is programmed to report location once every 60 seconds while moving, even if the power is disconnected.  

GPS tracking on you phone

Multiple Inputs and Outputs

The TLW2 includes multiple inputs and outputs so you can monitor things like engine run time, fluid levels in a tank or if a door is open or closed.  

Our wireless sensors can be easily installed so you can monitor if a door is opened or if the temperature is out of range.  Most other trailer alarm systems are completely wired, which makes it easy for a thief to disconnect.  Our sensors are 100% wireless.  (requires door or temperature sensor sold separately) 

Real Time and Buffer Locations

Real time location updates can be as frequent as 3s. Up to 60,000 location points can be saved in buffer if out of network coverage.

BLE 5.0 for Sensors

Compatible with BLE Temp and Humidity sensors, door sensors, wireless relays and BLE beacons.

Rugged Construction

Thick and solid casing and rugged construction for outdoor uses.

IP67 waterproof​

Tested in 5-meter water pressure environment for 15 hrs

Movement alerts​

Alerts for asset moving and parking

Disconnection alerts​

Alerts for device disconnected from power

Large Backup battery

9600 mAh/3.6V battery to run for up to 20 days(5 mins reporting) without charging

Easy installation

It can be mounted with magnets, screws, polyurethane or heavy-duty tape by end users

Technical Specifications

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