Satellite Water Tank Monitoring System

The LoneStar Tracking water tank monitoring system is the worlds easiest water trough sensor.  It comes with satellite technology built-in so it will operate anywhere on the planet.  Simply toss the sensor into the tank, install 2 AA batteries and begin monitoring.

  • Alerts – Receive Automatic Low Water Alerts
  • Frequent Updates – 4 Measurements Per Day
  • Low Power – Powered By 2 AA Batteries For 3 Years
  • Free Mobile App – Monitor Levels On Your Phone or Computer
  • Works Anywhere – Global Coverage (100% Satellite Based)
  • Ready To Use – 1st Year Included, thereafter $99 per year


Keep an eye on your water tanks, even when you're not there.


Water levels are automatically recorded 4x per day

Global Coverage

100% Satellite based - No need for cell service

Battery Powered

Runs on 2 AA batteries for 3-5 years

Any Size Tank

Accurately measure water levels in any size tank

water trough sensor

Easy To Install

No float switches or other mechanical items that can get broken or be time consuming to install.  The LoneStar Tracking tank monitor uses a small sensor to measure the amount of water inside the tank.  The level monitor requires no moving parts means nothing to break or wear out.

Simply place the sensor inside your water tank and let it sink to the bottom.  Next, mount the module outside of the tank.  Finally, open the app on your phone or computer and configure the dimensions of your water tank.  The external module will take a reading 4 times per day and send water levels via satellite.

Low Water Level Alerts and Notifications

Our software will automatically notify you if water levels drop below a pre-defined level, all configurable from our website.  If water levels drop, you will be notified via SMS and Email.  Once water levels are restored, you will also be notified that tank conditions have returned to “normal”.  Having digital tank level gauges can be priceless for remote monitoring.  We use satellite technology to track the level of water in your tanks, so you can be sure that you’re always getting accurate data.

Instant Theft Alerts

Water Level Monitoring System Software

Direct-To-Satellite Sensing

Your water tanks can be located in West Texas, the North Pole or anywhere else on the globe and our wireless tank level monitor will keep you up to date.  No need for cellular networks, the LoneStar Tracking tank monitor send measurements directly to satellites orbiting overhead.  Data is recorded 4x per day and send directly to our software. 

Water tank level monitoring doesn’t have to be expensive or complex

From reducing costs by millions of dollars through operational efficiency improvements to saving the lives of thousands of cattle through timely water monitoring, IoT enabled tank level monitoring is critical technology; you know that, we know that.

Robust, Cutting-Edge Technology

Imagine the time you will save and the peace of mind you will have by adding a level sensor and automating tank monitoring.  4 measurements are taken per day and sent directly to your phone or computer.  And no need to constantly have someone visit each tank, read level gauges and report back.  Have questions about our satellite based water tank monitoring system?  Reach out to one of our experts today via phone, email or chat.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The LST Vita water level sensors are accurate to about 5%.  Accuracy can very based on changes in conditions such as water temperature, changes in barometric pressure and sediment in the bottom of the tank.

The package includes a Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor.  The default sensor is designed to measure a water column of up to 15ft.  If you need to measure water depth of greater than 15ft, please contact us before your order.

Short answer is anything.  Concrete, Poly, Plastic, etc.  When you open our app, you simply need to enter the dimensions of the tank.  Our software can then calculate the volume and water levels.

Our hydrostatic pressure sensors are designed from 304 stainless steel and designed to measure water only.  Please do not use this sensor with any other fluid. 

The sensor generally does not need calibration.  Simply by entering the dimensions of your water tank, our software will be able to calculate water levels. 

If you discover that the levels are not accurate, you can use our app to re-calibrate your sensor.  Please contact our support team for instructions on re-calibration.

The LST Vita Tank Level Monitors are extremely power efficient, drawing just microamps of power the majority of the time they operate. For most applications, battery life will be between 2-3 years on 2 AA batteries, however extreme environments or higher transmission rates will reduce the power budget.

The water level sensor operates on 2 AA batteries.  We recommend the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries for best performance.

The LST Vita water tank level sensor is designed to take measurements once every 6 hours. 

No, our system is based completely on micro-satellite technology and can operate anywhere on the planet.  The only requirement is that the sensor has a clear view of the sky.

Item Value
Number Of Readings
4 / Day
Coverage Area
Global Coverage 100% Satellite Based
Maximum Tank Depth
15ft (additional depths available upon request)
Powered By 2 AA Batteries
Cable Length
First year included. $99.95 per year to continue service.

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