Yabby Edge for Helium LoRaWAN® North America

  • Rugged and Waterproof – IP67
  • Up To 12 Years  Battery Life at 1 Location Update Per Day
  • Powered By 2 AAA Batteries
  • Coverage On Helium Network
  • iPhone and Android Software Included

$7.95 / month and a $65.80 sign-up fee

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Easily Secure Your Valuables With Helium LongFi Technology

The Yabby Edge LongFi Edition is perfect for protecting your valuable equipment, and never worry about recharging your GPS tracker.  

Yabby Edge Use Cases

Yabby Edge for Helium LongFi

Low cost, Indoor and Outdoor asset tracker for the Helium LongFi  network with industry-leading battery life in a small rugged housing.

Bicycle GPS
Motorcycle GPS
backpack gps
purse gps





Easy to hide on any bike to give you 24/7 protection

Waterproof and rugged for installation almost anywhere

Drop a Yabby Edge LongFi into your little one’s backpack

Misplace your purse or worried about theft?

Powered by the Helium Network

Our Yabby Edge LoRa GPS tracker has coverage in North America on the Helium LongFi Network, powered by The People.  Coverage is expanding every day, so please check coverage in your area.  The Helium Coverage Map is available here.

Helium GPS

iPhone and Android App

You can easily track and monitor the location of your valuables with our easy to use mobile app, LockON GPS, available for both iPhone and Android.

No Contracts or Long Term Commitments

The Yabby Edge LongFi tracking device does not require any contracts or long term commitments.  When you are done tracking, you can simply deactivate the device and not be billed 

LoRaWAN Technology

The Yabby Edge LoRaWAN uses LoRa technology, powered by Helium, The People’s Network.  Your device is shipped to you ready-to-track.  Simply download the LockON GPS mobile app or visit the LockON GPS website to begin tracking.    Your device will operate across North America.

LoRa Waste Bin Sensor

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