Yabby Edge Livestock Collar Adapter

  • Easily attach your Yabby Edge GPS tracker to the collar of your animal
  • IP67 Waterproof and Rugged
  • Enclosure Only, Yabby Edge Sold Separatly


Yabby Edge Animal Tracking Enclosure

The Yabby Edge has become the industry standard for animal and livestock GPS tracking due to its size, weight and battery life.  In order to simplify connecting the Yabby Edge to your animal, we are offering an Animal Tracking Enclosure.  Simply place the Yabby Edge inside the Collar Adapter, thread your collar through the enclosure and put the collar on your animal. 

Please note, this is only the enclosure and DOES NOT include the Yabby Edge.  The Yabby Edge must be purchased separately.

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