Waste and Disposal

LoneStar Tracking uses the latest 5G Cat-M1 and LoRaWAN technology to make tracking and monitoring easy and affordable.

Dumpster GPS Tracker

Dumpster Theft Protection

LoneStar makes tracking roll offs and dumpsters simple.   In under 30 seconds, you can install a real time tracking device that is easy enough for anyone to use and gives you instant theft alerts.

Trash Bin Status Detection

Monitor your dumpster or waste bins’ fill level in real time to our cloud based monitoring system.  Our devices can be easily attached to any type of container or tank to monitor any type of waste, including solids and liquids.

Real Time Camera System

Take control of your trucks with a real-time camera system.  Driver facing, forward facing, rear facing and loader facing cameras give you a complete view of your fleet.

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