Wildlife GPS Data Logger and Trackers

Wildlife GPS

Wildlife GPS trackers and data loggers can provide researchers and conservationist with data about the location and behavior of animals both large and small.  With advancements in technology, data loggers and real time gps trackers have become more affordable than ever.

Data Logger GPS

Weighing less than 5g, capable of recording position data every 20 seconds and can last for 10+ years.

Satellite GPS

Weighing 22g and can transmit location data as fast as every 30 minutes. Battery and Solar Powered. Can last up to 3 years. Global coverage.

Cellular GPS

Collar for medium and large animals. Operates on global 4G cellular networks. Powered by 3 AAA batteries.

GPS Data Logger

The SnapperGPS receiver is a small, low-cost, and low-power GNSS receiver for non-real-time wildlife tracking. It employs the snapshot GNSS technology, which offloads the computationally expensive data processing to the cloud, and:
  • Measures 32.0 mm x 27.3 mm,
  • Operates for more than a year on a tiny 40 mAh battery,
  • Has enough memory to provide almost 11,000 position fixes,
  • Captures fixes in user-defined time intervals or externally triggered,
  • Needs only 12 ms of signal reception for a fix,
  • Employs multiple satellite systems for high reliability (GPS, Galileo, and BeiDou),
  • Achieves a median real-world tracking accuracy of about 12 m (before smoothing),
  • Maintains a real-time clock to accurately timestamp the fixes,
  • Is configured via USB in your browser without the need to install a driver or an app.
SnapperGPS Wildlife GPS Data Logger

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